Monday, August 12, 2013

Meet #2

Tonight I would like to introduce you to my #2 kid, D.
D is my lil man! He is getting too old for me to get all mushy in public, and love on him too much, but he loves it deep down inside. He is also the more modest one of the group, and gets embarrassed when given too much praise.

D was and always has been my easiest kid. He sleeps just enough, he has made it easy to be on a routine, he is so sweet to wake up to. He goes to bed easily and wakes up easily. He is so not a picky eater, he eats just about everything.
This kids loves the outdoors, he connects with nature.  D has always been mesmerized by the movement of nature. He is an animal whisperer. Put the boy outside and he is happy.

This boy is so smart but hates putting any effort into it, unless it is for a great reward. He has the smarts and has never gotten bad grades, however I anticipate his laziness will catch up sometime in middle school or high school.

This kid has a great arm when it comes to throwing a ball, but lacks the coordination to catch, or hit a ball. He has to work at sports, he will never be "the jock" but he is a great assisting guy. He takes the time to learn the game and the skills. Put the boy behind a gun at target shooting and that's a different story. He is a great shot!

He has recently fell in love with the Scouting program and the activity that goes with it. He loves to do things and earn belt loops, go to meetings, build boats, and interact with the other boys. Very goal oriented type of boy.

D is so sensitive. He knows when to give a hug, how to care for the needs of other, the right moment to help and says the sweetest things. He is very selfless, he loves to serve. In school all three of the past years he has been paired with a child with special needs and loved working with them. He often asks if we can offer a fresh loaf of bread or a dozen cookies to a neighbor or friend.
 We love this dude! We wouldn't trade him for anything. He has the most gorgeous dark brown eyes that just glisten.

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