Monday, July 22, 2013

Needing a late night hobby

I tend to go thru phases where sleep eludes me for several days/weeks. What better time to blog I guess...

I dare not try to get all caught up on the years worth of updates!
Tonight I simply want to express my love for one of my greatest gifts.

E is such a good responsible sport. She loves to be a helper.
She was destined to be the oldest with her nurturing, mothering ways. She loves her siblings, some times a bit over bearing in her love and desire to control them, but she thrives under the responsibility of being the oldest. Life is so much easier with her in it!
Ms. E loves to bake. I think it's a combination of producing a product, being able to deliver them to loving neighbors and seeing their gratitude, and her sweet tooth. She is always looking for new recipes and ways to design something a little out of the ordinary. BUT you must never suggest she cook with fruits or veggies- two words that are not in her vocabulary!
 Ms. E is my biggest help. When I want to workout she distracts the youngers long enough to break a sweat. She's good at filling in gaps that aren't being filled and making family life easy.

She is so much like me! Fortunately, she didn't inherit my figure, my lack of height, or my thin hair. She did however inherit so many of my deep down inside workings. Her desire to make rules that are unnecessary, her desire to please, to be accepted by all, and her willingness to just forgive. She stresses over things befor she does them, adjusts to new situations well. She loves to day dream and dance around her room when no one is looking. She loves to smile and laugh at things. When I get frustrated with her and she with me, I just have to say "Oh E, You are so much like me!" She usually laughs, hugs me and asks me to explain so she can get a deeper understanding of who I am- 
maybe who she is also.
 This Girl can read. For someone that started last year a whole reading level below her grade, she sure picked it up this year! At the end of the school year she tested 2.5yrs above her grade! Last year she could barely keep up with the AR reading requirements, this year she doubled what she needed. Nothing stops this girl! 
She loves when people phrase her. She loves to feel gratified in what she does, she doesn't require gifts or treats, just simple words of phrase is all she needs.
I can hardly believe this girl is so grown up- such a mom thing to say.
This girl is not my best friend, but she is my daughter!
It is so fun doing our hair together, locking ourselves in the bathroom and learn how to apply make-up, to talk about fun things we can do with the younger kids, or talk about horses...
I'd give anything for her to have everything she wants, but instead I try to give her all my love, support, and share with her all my talents so she can develop those of her own.
Ms. E is always by my side willing and ready to make life easier!

~I say this in the most NOT so normal way moms do :-)~
I hope she is blessed with a beautiful daughter just like her!
She may not be perfect, but she is perfect for me.

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