Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hoppy Easter

Hope this finds you all well, and happy!
Happy Easter from our bunch
Holidays are a time for family and traditions.
Our Easter traditions are growing, we don't have a lot of Easter traditions but this year we add a new one. We, of course, do a yummy Chocolate bunny, we do egg hunts but they are small unless the neighbor puts them on (2000+ eggs for 20 kids is a ridiculous amount of eggs). 
Here are our other two Easter traditions
They aren't very Christ centered but I think they encourage family relations-

1. This year, we started a new one. Instead of a lot of candy on Easter we got books this year. The kids spent all day reading each other books. It was so fun! I love seeing my kids with their nose in a book they love. (And avoiding a sugar rush)

2. Growing up my Papa always bought us a brand new dress at Easter and Christmas. He once explained it was two of the most special days of the year, a time we need to show our greatest respect for the Savior, and dress our best. So, I have kept the tradition with my own kids. However, last year we refined it. 
We all go shopping and the kids got to help each other out picking out their outfits, trying to encourage them to help each other live with modest dress standards. This may end soon as Dad isn't much of a shopper, and it took forever this year as one certain boy had a case of the crazies and another kid took 75min to try on clothes (dang long legs and trying to dress modest).
I think they did pretty well and they found outfits to show off their personalities!
It was fun to see them comment on each others outfits and want to try clothes on, especially the girls and having the boys oh and ah at them, or turn them around with a definite no. :-)

 This was the one the moment she picked it up.

 This is such a R outfit! HE wasn't digging the typical church shirt, but we found a good compromise.
His first real tie, that he has to learn to tie.
D wouldn't let me take a pic of him by himself. But here's a good one of his outfit. 
He loves dress shirts, he wears them to school every time he has a test, says it brings him good luck. 
Must be true as the boy is a star student!

 After looking long and hard at three stores we finally got the outfit, one that touched the knees. 
My little girls is getting so big. Hard to believe she will be 12 in 6months. 
Dad helped pick out this skirt and was so excited he got to buy this one for her.
 And of course here's the man of my life, my stud!

Well I hope you all had a great weekend remembering the life of Christ and his sacrifice for you. I hope you felt the joy and peace of his love.
Happy Easter!!


Jillian D said...

Love these shots.
I have a deep love for brick walls.

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precious photos

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