Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Getting creative with a relctant student.

We started Homsechooling this past week. My oldest has decided after two days she just doesn't like her English curriculum. I understand each student learns differently and some times it just doesn't click. Writing is her weakest subject, and important part of this years lessons. Monday morning, we were trying to work thru her lesson and she was putting no effort into following it. Slumped over skimming the page and blowing thru the three pages of sample paragraphs in record time she declares she is done. I proceed to ask her questions and she can't answer one blasted thing written on those pages!

It being the last lesson of the day I got frustrated (I'm not perfect!) and I banished her from our work area. She stormed off, slammed her door behind her and threw herself on her bed. I took my time cooling off and thinking of a solution. I don't have a back-up plan for curriculum, and need to do a little more research on an alternative. I am not made out of money and don't wish to go thru five programs before finding one that works for her. Then it hits me!! If she knows it all give her a chance to prove it. I gained entrance into her room and we discuss her dislikes for the program. I asked for a few weeks to research another program and she agreed, but that didn't fix the here and now, the lesson that I felt was the building blocks for the rest of the weeks lessons.

"E do you feel you understand today's lesson"
She nods
"Well then I want you to write me a short sample essay on any subject of your choice." (The lesson was on paragraphing)
She nods and returns 45min later with a short essay on the pros and cons of homeschooling. LOL I asked for that!
I got a little insight into her frustrations and how she was feeling, but noticed she hadn't understood the lesson very well, so I wrote her an essay. It was so fun to write. She laughed through most of it :-)

A few people were interested in it, so I thought I would share. I have included it below. It's not perfect! Don't judge, English isn't my strongest subject.
For the time being order has been reestablished.  We understand each other a bit better. She is giving the book a few more weeks while I research an alternative. Being mom isn't easy!

The Secret life of a Super Hero

In every comic book there is a super Hero. One that secretly makes the world a better place, can hear the faintest cry of someone in need, and fixes everything. Then there is the arch enemy, the one that everyone fears and dislikes. They are often ugly, spreading evil and unhappiness throughout the story.

As a mother, I want to be viewed as the Super Hero. I want to shelter my children from the evils of the world, protecting them from danger. I want to empower them with knowledge and confidence. Super Heroes always seem to manage a career and a home life, as Mom i should be able to manage the never ending mountain of laundry and teen hormones, piece of cake! I should be able hear their every cry and anticipate their every need. I especially would appreciate an effortless body that looks good in a skin tight leotard, and never has a hair out of place on my head.

But truth be told my kids see me more as the Villain- their arch enemy. I never do anything right. All the worlds problems are because of something I did/didn't do, or something I created (usually their siblings). I am the last person they want unless they want something. I'm only there to make them look good, but never offered anytime to make myself look good, and when I steal a few moments to be selfish I am under their watch eye and incessant interrogation as to my motives. I live in a dark whole, under the surface of their life. I have few friends. All but one of the things I create is not noteworthy and evil. My ugliness is only masked by my stage make-up, as I will never be as good looking as the neighbour's mom, and I will always have giggly skin around my waist.

Being a Super Hero Mom is not an easy character in life to play. I don't know when they need me. I can't anticipate every evil to enter their lives. I will never look good in a leotard. BUT living life striving to be a Super Hero and failing, is better than simply accepting the role of a villain.


miriam.plass said...

Bravo!!! You look like a super hero to me!

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