Sunday, December 11, 2011

I love my kids

When I realized I married a man as stubborn as I am I never considered what effect that would have on our children. They are twice as stubborn as either one of us!

In late August Jake was tasked to organize a holiday family fun run/walk for the day befor Thanksgiving. The beginning of November we asked the kids if they wanted to run/walk it. They all agreed. Jake of course wouldn't be running it since he was heading the project, leaving me alone to run the 5K with the four kids.

Jake trained a bit with the kids running around the block every other day with them (abt 1mile). I should have gone with them to see how they were when they ran. UGH! After the fact I found out how really not into running they were.

I made a deal with E and D that if they stuck together they could run together ahead of me. Rainey and I made a deal that he had to run at least 5min befor getting in the stroller then it would be 5min in and 5min out. We were set and had a super plan that would work. HAA!

We WALKED fighting the crowd the first 200meters and Rainey sat down and refused to take another step! He was too tired. That punk! So I made him run screaming another 2minutes then let him in. He refused to get out! Around the 1mile mark there was a hill you had to run up, I really did not appreciate pushing 80+Lbs up the hill and kicked the whiny butt out. He cried the entire way up the hill and then hopped back in as soon as we hit the top. He never got out again, screaming every time I told him to get out. I just figured it was better to just leave him there and go at my pace than to drag him along at his begrudging turtle pace.I met up with the older two around 1.5miles. They had slowed down a bit, and I was able to speed up. We walked a distance befor Eliza and I got bored. Then Daniel started crying, and whining "I can't take another step." There was no way he was getting in the stroller even if I could coax Rainey out! So for the next ten minutes I listened to him and his displeasure.

With only half a mile left I left him behind so I could finish the race and told him I would be back for him. He really didn't appreciate that!! You would have thought I was beating both boys. Rainey was crying now because he was cold, and tired (he hasn't walked more than 400meters at this point), and now I was leaving his brother behind. Finally Daniel started sprinting and we were able to finish strong (the only part of the run I was able to pick up the pace).

It is safe to say, I will never run a race with my four children ever again! Mikey was fine for the most part, and Liza was great helping where she could, but those boys are not invited next time!

On the up side Jake was able to raise about 70 food vouchers for the soldiers and the families in need this holiday season, plus $2500 for the local toys for kids program. He and many great voulenteers did an awesome job pulling off a fun, well planned event.


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Alanna Leavitt said...

Chrissy I'm sorry to laugh at a time that was not fun for you, but I must aplaud you for your strength in finishing. I can picture the boys perfectly as I read your descriptions of them. hahaha I say next time you plan the event and let Jake take his turn with the four kids. lol