Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dietary alterations

I love Daniel. For the most part he is my easiest child.
He just goes with the flow and usually doesn't cause too much fuss. THat being said he has also been my most sensitive child. His feelings are easily hurt. On the flip side, he usually knows when someone just needs a hug, or where to fill a need. He pays attention to others and their needs, more than my other kids. Often very good at paying attention to detail. He has recently also developed a seriously sensitive stomach.
Daniel has missed several days of school this past few weeks while making really good friends with our bathroom porcelain and our plastic bowls. Something just hasn't been right with him. Today he was diagnosed with abdominal migraines. He has a history of migraines and this is just one of those things some kids get and will eventually, most likely, grow out of. The Dr prescribed some meds and told me to avoid MSG and chocolate, and lower his sugar intake. She made it sound so simple, it won't take much effort!
After spending most of the afternoon and evening researching it- HA! What can this boy eat?! I was rather discouraged. I can handle lower his sugars and chocolate intake, but MSG?! I mean I already won mother of the Year award for telling the boy not to eat sugar and explaining it all to his teacher an hour before his class Christmas party and not registering maybe I should have sent him something he could eat! WOW! Despite my cluelessness, he took it all in stride and brought home all his goodies and shared them with the missionaries tonight.
I was going to start with just focusing on sugars and then work in the MSG but had to revise that idea after feeding the boy chicken noodle soup for dinner and seeing him get sick a few times tonight. I taught him how to read the labels on food and to find the sugar content. He liked it and picked up on it rather quickly. But the MSG thing is going to be a bit trickier for him. There are so many different words it is listed under to include "seasonings" its just a matter of a lot of research and me doing my homework!
Finally tonight I came across one website where a lady who's sons name is also Daniel, who also must avoid MSG. After reading article after article of what not to eat, it was very refreshing to find a list of things he CAN eat. She has great suggestions for MSG free foods. A ray of hope! There are things he can eat!! Man this is so not going to be easy, but if any of my kids had to go thru this he is the best one. Lets hope the dietary alterations will eliminate his symptoms and I can avoid giving him any drugs.

One of our latest adventures!


Raising 8 said...

I ran across you blog through (the cupboard next to the fridge) on Pinterest . So anyways.. Nice blog. I see you have 3 and have not checked them all out. not sure what one you use the most but Ill add this one to follow .

KellyLady said...

Good luck!!! You're the best mom to pull him through it!

Alanna Leavitt said...

How are things going now? That is a lot of things to be watching for. I promise to not complain when I have to avoid peanuts. Isn't the internet great when you find sights and other who are dealing with similar problems. Keep fighting the are a super mom.