Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Liza's advancement

I wish I could fly straight! I feel like I am buzzing from one activity/place/responsibility to the next. Nothing stands still. One of these days I will get on top of things and get back into blogging regularly!

Recently Eliza has begun to take horse riding lessons. Timing could not have been better. Her first reporting period of 4th grade was a bit troublesome, she had a bit of a rough time adjusting. Once she started riding, and she earned the right to go into the pasture by herself, she started to gain a little confidence in herself and her abilities. She started to learn that she needed to be trustworthy, responsible, focused, and apply herself. She was not only learning to ride but learning some life lessons each week as she watched how the ranch is run. As she progressed in her riding we started to see a huge improvement in her grades.Two weeks ago she was advanced from beginners to level 1. She loved to have the whole family, Auntie Di, Tek and her friend Sarah there to watch her ride as she should us what she can do, and was presented with a certification of achievement.

This is her beginners horse Sunrise. She loves to make this horse move!
My girl is not afraid of speed.She was so excited to show me, she can mount a horse ALL BY HERSELF!
No help necessary! Physically she is getting stronger.
One of Lizas favorite things to do other than ride is to groom them.
She loves to braid their main and brush them and wash them.
My girl was born to ride! Its in her blood (thanks to Grandma Jean!). She longs for the weekend where she spends every Friday evening and Saturday playing with her favorite animals. She loves to learn how to train, ride and care for the horses. She soaks up every little bit of knowledge they teach her. She walks taller and more confident. She is happier and more willing after she has spent time with the animals. I love to see her find things she loves and excels at!

This is her new horse Sky Thunder.
She has yet to ride him due to the jitteriness after last weekends earthquakes. Hopefully this weekend she will bond with her new beast and take him out for a some fun. I am proud of my big girl! She is amazing!
I guess we better make sure where ever we go next they have plenty of horses!
Looks like she has found her passion.


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