Friday, October 07, 2011

Mikey turned two

Last month Mikey turned two!
Thats a thumb and a finger to make two
We celebrated her birthday the day befor on Sunday since Dad would not be home on her birthday. Each kid bought her a present and presented it to her.
This was her own gift to herself LOL
Daddy let her pick a gift out
Here Rainey is presenting Mikey with his gift
Helping Mikey put together Daniels present
We painted her nails in prep for her special day
That is Daniel in the background with a knife cutting into a box to make Mikey an airplane
Liza made Mikey an ice cream cake.
Homemade ice cream and orange juice concentrate in a graham crust.
Mikey loved it!!
Liza is great at making people feel special on occasions like these!

Another present came a few days later from Grandma and Pop-Pop R
And a day later a card from Grandma and Papa H. I have video of her opening her card and discovering it had money in it, I can't seem to get it to upload right now...

My baby is 2!!


Whitney said...

Very cute!

kiciken said...

she's cute!