Thursday, October 06, 2011

Sept recap

Here's a brief recap of our September happenings since I totally blew off blogging all month.
We started it of with the local tractor pull. The machines back home have nothing on these babies ;-P
The first few tractors raced down the track with no problems.
The kids got a bit bored, not to mention hot (It was 110F that day, don't miss that!).Then the wheels started to bounce off the ground. Thats when it gets exciting.
They had a tractor pull of their own, filling up on a bag full of candy!
During the early part of the month we had a FHE on reverence and the sacrament. We made a deal with the kids if they were reverent during sacrament for three weeks we could do something fun together as a family. They chose to do a picnic on temple grounds and read stories about the OKC temple and finish off with ice cream at Braums (dads tradition after a session).
It took me forever to get a photo of them all together and they all weren't happy but I did it LOL

Our yummy picnic! Crackers, cheese, Canadian bacon, carrots, cucumbers, grapes, apples and juice. The boys ask me all the time if we can do that again. We made some good memories!Someone got glasses!
I was called as the Young Womens President in our little branch. A little humbling! I am not really qualified to help teach and impress other peoples teenage daughters! I am a great follower but not the greatest leader.

I spent the better part of the middle of the month doing this-laundry! Two couch loads, as I washed every artical of clothing, and all the bedding, pillows, and stuffies in the house. Over kill prehaps- but better safe than sorry :-/While the kids walked around looking like thisWith some serious chemicals in their hairAnd the boys ended up like this...gotta love nasty bugs. Hope my kids never bring lice home again! I am still itching just thinking about itLiza started off her Honor Choir performance front and center as she sang a medley of good ol' rock and roll songs.
It wouldn't be complete without YMCA!!
With the weather cooling and swim lessons at an end we were looking for something Liza could do during the fall/winter. Thanks to a great referral we found the most fabulous ranch for Liza to train at. Here is Liza with the owner Allen.
She loves that she gets to take the horses out on her own around the pen. This is Sunrise a beautiful blue eyed horse! Have you ever seen a blue eyed horse before?
She spends every Friday evening and Saturday all day out at the ranch learning about, grooming, tending, and riding horse. She loves it! Her self esteem and sense of responsibility has increase immensely. They say she is a natural (but in need of a little patience lol).

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Sounds like a really fun summer!