Monday, August 15, 2011

back to school traditons

What are your back to school traditions??

Ours generally start with shopping for school clothes and supplies, grocery shopping where each school age kid picks out their favorite snack food and drink box for their lunches, and then of course Priesthood blessings. We pack our backpacks a few days befor school and it sits in the hallway to remind us our days are short.

This year we started a new tradition, a definite keeper! Last year a friend had posted on her blog, the family night befor school starts they do a back to school fashion show. So fun! I stored that in my memory of family fun time activities and we tried it out.The kids each picked three back to school outfits and modeled them for us. Then as they readied for bed we downloaded the pictures and watched a slide show of them as we ate ice cream and laughed and giggled over their silliness. I think it really made them excited about school This year we have three going to school- WOW!! Mikey and I will have to find things to keep us busy!
Mikey even joined in the fun and put on a few outfits, but as usual never sat still long enough to get a few good pictures of her.

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Alanna Leavitt said...

Your kids make me smile. I love this activity. I think a fashion show anytime is fun for kids. lol

Miss you tons!