Sunday, August 21, 2011

First day of school 2011

This year three of the four kids started school! They are all so super excited to make new friends, see old ones, and enjoy learning with their new teachers.
Our beautiful 4th grader! The only person I know that wears sweaters to school in 100+F weather- she says it gets cold in class with the air conditioners on all day. I just love photographing her!
Dan the Man started 1st this year. I love this boy! He is so quiet and reserved, but has so much more confidence this year than he did last. I love watching these two. Mikey fell and Daniel was comforting her. They have such a special relationship. If she gets hurt when the big kids are around she always runs to him for sympathy.Liza saved her allowance and worked extra hard around the house for six weeks to save up for these shoes. They came in the mail while she was enjoying her first day of school. As soon as dad got home they went for a run in their VFFs. She loves them! Rainey didn't start Pre-K until the second day of school. Here he is on his first day with his teacher Ms Heft! She is one of our babysitter's moms. She is great with him. She has seen already how different he is from Daniel (whom she had two years ago). LOL He has already shown her his stubborn determined side.Mikey was not too thrilled to leave all the kids behind at school. In fact she threw a fit the second day of school when all the kids were dropped off. Right in front of the principal in the hall way she threw herself on the ground not wanting to leave and go home. She has pretty much potty trained herself these past few weeks, running around the house bottomless, putting herself on her pot anytime she needs to go. The first day of school was the first day in panties where we actually left the house. She did good on our short outing. Still working on wearing panties all day (she is a nudist at heart!) but that's this weeks goal, she keeps forgetting to take them off when she sits on her little toilet. She really doesn't like diapers for the most part. I work on her terms and she does all the work. The easiest kid to potty trained!

I will have to play a little catch up to fill in what I miss this summer in the next few posts. I can hardly believe how fast summer has flown by!

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Alanna Leavitt said...

I am happy to hear that the kids had a great 1st day. Mikey will be beside herself with no one but Mom to play with. Enjoy the one-on-one!