Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Way back Wednesdays at OKC Zoo

The OKC Zoo thru the months of July and August has their "Way Back Wednesdays." Every Wednesday admition, hot dogs, drinks, popcorn, and the Sea Lion show are all only one dollar each. For less than $20 I took the kids to the zoo, treated them to lunch and then to a show. Fabulous!

It was the perfect day! It rained last night, so it was cooler this morning. We got there right as they opened so the animals were out and about enjoying their breakfast and the cooler weather. They were all rather playful, usually when we go they are all sleeping and rather boring.

We started by each kid picking an animal the absolutely had to see today. Eliza wanted to see the baby Elephant (as did they all but since she picked it, the others got to see two of their most favorite animal). Thanks to the OKC Zoo staff and the kids favorite TV show "Wild Kratts" I learned a lot about elephants today. This is Malee. She was born April 15th of this year, already weighing 600Lbs. She was so cute. She was playing chase around this rock they have in their pen. Mom would go one direction and she would hide on the other side of the rock, just like most kids, it was so super cute!Daniel had to see a Hippo. Thanks to Wild Kratts for info I had no idea about. I love this show! My kids learn so much and are so super entertained! It is one of the three shows I let my kids watch everyday and we actually have structure our routine around. Rainey wanted to see the Rhinos. This one was his favorite out of the five separately caged animals. No idea why but this is the one he LOVED. We went back to watch it a second time he liked her so much. (Unfortunately I didn't bring my second lens so I couldn't get a good shot of him and the Rhino as he gazed on.)This one was for Mikey! Our little Monkey girl. Liza said she had to go visit her relatives :-P This baby monkey was on the move today while the mama monkey sun bathed on her blanket (First time I have ever seen an animal at the zoo with a blanket!)Of course we took a little time to play on these every once and a while.
We had Rainey try to do some Parkour. Trying to find the most efficient way to climb from the rail over teh stroller to the floor. I think he failed the moment his pants got stuck on the side rail of the stroller leaving him hanging. LOL Mikey was quite concerned for him. The funniest bunch!
I was done and we had 20minutes to waist befor the Sea Lion show so we just sat around watching the little ones play.
This lady was wearing VFFs. My kids were impressed. They enjoyed the show too. Mikey didn't move. She was mesmerized!After the Sea Lions and on our way to the car we fed the birds. Not my favorite part! BUT the kids (minus Mikey) love it. I gave them the choice between a toy or feeding the birds, they chose the birds.These birds are highly trained mooches! They will pull the cup right from your hand if you aren't careful. They want nothing to do with you, normally, if you don't have a cup of nectar. Sometimes they just like to perch themselves on you and do your hair. (The lady wasn't fast enough to get all three birds that were "doing my hair") I think I'll stick with my normal hairdresser thanks!
Mr Bird man himself was nervous with these birds. He'll grab a chicken and walk around with it all day but one of these guys-Forget it! He said it was them climbing on him he didn't like much.This one wanted to call home I guessMy favorite Pics of the day. Liza my sweet Princess!
Daniel my quite peaceful boy!Rainey, laughter never stops with him! He attracts the sillies. This bird kept walking up and down his hat putting the rim right in his face every couple minutes. Mikey who never stopped moving long enough for me to get but a few pictures of her! Always on the go and ready to explore. Wanting the attention but only on her terms (not behind a lens!)

Worth every moment of my day! Thanks kids for not fighting, not asking for everything you saw, for being happy, and enjoying one anothers company! Good memories! Wish every day was like today!

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Alanna Leavitt said...

That sounded like a great day. Its so fun to plan outtings and even better when they turn out as you planned or even better.

I love the pictures of the kids, they are getting so big. Gavin and Mikey would make a great pair at running out of the picture. I have lots of Gavin's back or bottoms of his feet as he boots it as I click the camera.

Love you guys tons xo!