Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Family Vacation part 4 Squeezing it all in

Once Jake and I got back from Jackson Hole I started not feeling well. That first night back I got cold chills and ran a fever. For the next three days I was seriously sick! I managed to pull off a quick outing on Thursday and to have finally have Daniels birthday party (three months late but he wanted to go bowling with all the family rather than have two friends over for a small party). The cousins after bowling enjoying a whole box of cupcakes to themselves! LOL I think there were only five left. ;-P

I didn't do much the rest of our time in Utah. :-( We cancelled all our plans with friends and tried to get healthy. The kids were stir crazy and running a muck.I had a few crafty things planned for Father's day but ended up with simply letting the kids each make one of these for their dad, Jake's dad and my dad. Not as pretty as I could have made them, but had no energy or foresight due to being sick.
Sunday night we did manage to all enjoy the out doors a bit! Grandma R brought out her volcano grill and we roasted marshmallows over it. It is a pretty efficient little thing!! Definitely need one of those before winter storms knock out power again!Enjoying our enormous marshmallows in a smore!
Whats better than that! Pure sugar!!Even Mikey got in on the delicious treats

Our last night we had FHE with Jake's brothers fam. A cookout on the driveway at Grandmas house. These two silly faces are quite the pair!
They are going to cause all sorts of crazy trouble when they get older!
I foresee them being best shopping buddies if they ever get the chance to live close enough and steal mom's debit card!
Aunt L drew them an amazing picture of the two of them together!
We all kept mixing these two up! With both of them wearing red they look fairly similar.
These two are the entertainers!

Lots of family time! Not as much seeing old friends as we had planned! But all in all it was a good vacation (even if I still can't hear out of my right ear). We are happy to be back in our own place but grateful we had the time to spend with the family! Thank you F&S for putting us all up! Thank you T&S for coming to visit us and help with the kids while we were gone. Thanks to D&L and C&K for visiting with us and letting us get to know you better. Thanks to V&M for keeping my kids entertained! We love you all! Miss you already!

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