Saturday, July 09, 2011

Canada Day Celebrations

No big parties to celebrate Canada day here :-P Go figure American don't celebrate!
We partied it up best we could. This year we had an extra reason to celebrate, July 1st was also the offical date of Jake's promotion! Hello Captain! Hello pay raise! Back to Canada day...
We spent the day like any holiday should be spent- plenty of fun FAMILY TIME!
We all wore our Canadian shirts. Then we went up to the city (mainly to get my iPhone replaced since I washed it-Got to love Apple they replaced it for free!!). We took the kids to Cars 2, then out to eat at the Cheese Cake Factory. I love their Miso Salmon!!
What possessed us to take the kids out in the middle of Mikey's nap time is beyond me! We were exhausted after dealing with her all afternoon!
We returned home and enjoyed some of these delightful treats!
A small taste of home. Thanks to the drought here in OK there were no fireworks for the kids to play with but we let them pop some poppers. Hopefully we can get some rain soon!

Hope you all had a delightful July 1st!!

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