Sunday, July 10, 2011

Independance day!

We decided this year there were a few things we wanted to do with the kids.
We decided to make ice cream the old fashion way (hand crack LOL) it was so fun! None of the kids could crank without looking thru the clear lid at the same time. We made raspberry and mint chocolate chip ice cream. Glad we broke this baby out. There is more of this in the future, however I think we will attach the electric attachment to conserve fighting over who's turn it is.
We then spent some time outside hanging out setting up or new grill.
We love her! Meat just tastes so much better grilled than it does baked in the oven!
She has been used every other day since we got her, reminds me of home...
We did some hanging out enjoying the milder weather. It was only 99F.
We spent some time kissing our new found friend- Toady...and climbing treesWe headed out to Anadarko in the next county over for their festivities. Our county banned all fireworks due to our extreme drought conditions. The next county however wasn't so bad off.
Mikey joined the rest of us and got her own set of feathers- Thanks Melissa!Now only in Oklahoma! Turtle races!
Everyone goes out and finds turtles on the roadside and then they toss them in a bottomless pot count to three and see which one runs out of the circle first. Very humorous!
These two just hung out until the officiator got near and then they took off with some serious speed.This is crush! He won first place. He entertained our kids for at least an hour!
Jake's grandma has a table she decorates with all the grand-children's pictures. Each family gets there own frame. We have been trying to get a group photo to print off for her. With our four kids-HAHA! This was our latest attempt.
MIkey wanted nothing to do with getting her picture taken! This was fun...Until they dropped her!After the bouncy houses, the park, the red white and blue cupcakes, the red white and blue jello popcorn, and plenty of juice we sat and enjoyed the fireworks!Great time with our small family and some great friends!
Hope everyone enjoyed celebrating Americas 235th birthday!

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Novelty Pens said...

Is there anything better than homemade ice cream? How Fun! and tasty too!