Monday, July 04, 2011

Family Vacation part 3 Grandparent camp

We finished our family vacation and then headed up to Smithfield to visit with Jake's parents. My parents joined us a day later and we spent Sunday together. Then Jake and I snuck out and left the kids with their grandparents :-) Should be easy peasy four kids to four grandparents.
We had a blast!
Jake's parents had recommended Jackson Hole WY as a close great getaway site. We managed to stay get a reservation at a B&B right before the peak season prices started!We took a unplanned trip here. Pretty cool. Jake wants to go back next time and walk away with a souvenir!
As we made our way to our destination I realized we were in Star Valley. Last I heard my old seminary teacher lived here, and thanks to a few families that had made their way thru OK, I knew where he worked. As we drove thru town we drove right past his work and stopped.
He is still Awesome, not to mention his adorable wife!Once we got to Jackson Hole we checked into our B&B and then took a drive thru the park to recon our vacation ideas and Hikes. Trees as far as the eye could see! Picturesque scenery.WIldlife...Then we finished the night with dinner to include a view of the TetonsDay two we were up early and off to hike one of the open hikes (too much snow still!most of the good ones were still closed due to Avalanche possibilities). We hiked up Signal Hill (about 10miles). It was great to go at our pace and enjoy each others company.
We got a great view of the Tetons!We found this place, we called it Moose lake (no idea what the real name was). It was so nice. We sat here just listening to the crickets, toads/frogs, and other insects talk back and forth. No children to interrupted it! No child to throw rocks in the clear water (we did that ourselves ;-P), no kids to hurry us up. Just peaceful sounds of nature.Later that night we headed back into town for a night at the Bar J chuckwagon dinner and show. LOVED IT! It was so funny. We ended up at a table full of people from OK. $$ well spent!
Thanks Theresa for the idea.I am a sucker for a base voice! The second to last guy on the right has an amazing bass voice.
What a comedic bunch!Our last morning there we decided to hit the shops and get something for each of the kids. We had to get pics in front of the antler arch way.
While at Bar J one of the guys had told us of a museum in Montpelier, ID, the National Oregon/California Trail Canter (it was on our way back)- so, we dropped by. It had a great interactive museum and a working model of one of the first odometer, one of the ones the pioneers used to walk across the plains with. It was very informative!

They have you enter the museum and start role playing as they explained how much it cost, the trails they faced, and plenty of random facts I had never thought of. I realized these pioneers that crossed the plains were not poor befor they crossed the plains. Most of them had money, $$ they worked hard for. They gave it all up! They sold all their household goods, family heirlooms, and homes for a great unknown. Humbling!In the museum in the basement they had whats left of a handcart that actually crossed the plains, and a quilt from the same family that crossed with the cart and its owners. It made me feel that much closer to the pioneers!

Then we returned home to four weary Grandparents and four energetic kids. The Grandparents survived, but doubt they will ever agree to watch four young kids for three days again! :-P However we greatly appreciate the time out!! It was fabulous! Worth that chance LOL


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i would volunteer any time in a heart beat i loved the time we spent with our grandchildren i love you all

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