Sunday, July 03, 2011

Family Vacation part 2 Family reunion

No trip to Utah is complete without a visit to GG Hill's house! My kids walk right in and treat her with great respect! Liza and Grandma have a stronger bond than the younger ones (I think that is due to age). No trip is complete without a viewing of Cinderella! Liza snuggles in with Grandma in her chair and the two watch it together while the others usually play with the vintage toys downstairs. Then there is always ice cream or milkshakes and GAMES! We love GG Hill and her house!! Thanks Grandma for letting us stop by!
At GG's house there is usually a cousin or two she has arranged to stop by during our visit. Lincoln is Liza's new favorite baby! She mothered him just like her siblings. I don't know who was playing louder on the piano Liza or Lincoln LOL
Unfortunately our last visit with GG for this trip was halted due to the kids and I being sick. Jake managed to Lysol himself up, wash his hands really good and sneak in to give her a hug.
The Family reunion part of our vacation was awesome!! We are definitely putting that on the list of things to do again in the future on our own, maybe when Mikey is a little older! Jake's parents are awesome for putting on these family reunions every few years! The kids are old enough now to really enjoy being around each other without fighting over toys too much. And as adults I felt our relationships got stronger after a week of family time! This year we went to a really great family oriented camp at Aspen Grove (click here for their website). They have day camps for the kids. Each of the kids was able to participate in the days activities of swimming, games, crafts, rock climbing, hiking, more games, more crafts, songs, parks, and skits. From 9-4 every day minus an hour for lunch the kids were busy. The older three loved it Mikey was good for the morning but after lunch we decided not to fight her and just take her back to the room for a nap.
Us adults were able to go take classes, seminars, or participate in the activities of the day- pottery classes, ceramic painting, crocheting/knitting class, watercolor painting class, parenting seminar, marriage seminar, rock climbing, ropes course, paint balling, swimming, archery, hiking, and a ton of sport tournaments. We did some crafts, we played girls against boys paintball capture the flag, and then spent a great deal of time bouncing from each of the kids groups, and just hanging out together in the great room.
This was Liza's groups flag. I managed to not get a picture of her with her leaders. Her female leader Nikki was full of energy. Just the right person to spear head Liza's group!
She made friends with these two girls and during the last two days they were inseparable!
After our family night in the old town. Snow cones, leather branding, indian tales told in a tepee, face painting, train rides, whip lessons, wooden bull roping, and a ton of other fun games.
Makenna and Chris were Daniels group leaders. Daniel still talks about Chris. He was a real sweetheart. I can see Daniel being a lot like Chris when he gets older.
I never got Rainey with his flag either! This is the leader, Holly, he spent most of his time with her while we were around. He loved "class"! Each group had a song they sang at the end of the week as part of the skits. Rainey still sings his song as we drive into town.

Now Mikey wasn't in her class long enough for us to get pictures with her leaders. We had to drop and run in order to keep her from crying and then at pick up time she wouldn't stay in there long enough to say good bye. To top it all off she was sick the last three days of camp so she just hung out in the room.We did manage to take advantage of the kids being tended for and went on a beautiful hike!Jake's dad recently certified as a Ham radio operator. He was anxious to try it out. So he and Mom did a check every thirty minutes. It was pretty fun watching him get excited about something he has put a lot of time into.Stuart Falls the end of the hike due to snow.

Thank You Mom and Dad for providing us the opportunity to attend Aspen grove, to strengthen family bonds, and to enjoy ourselves. Thank You C&K for making the long trek up and spending time with us, and D&L for putting up with our kids always wanting to be at your place, and with your kids, and keeping us good company! We had some great late night talks, and game time!
Love you all!

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