Saturday, July 02, 2011

Family Vacation part 1 Travelling

We spent the month of June in Utah on vacation. Each time we take a long car ride I learn new tricks to keep the kids entertained. Each time they throw now things at us. They each pack their own in the car bag, with a few self sought out snacks. Then I pack a large snack bag and a surprise entertainment-I-am-at-whits-end-with-these-kids-bag.
This trip Michael decided two days before we left that she hate her car seat! She loves to play in the van, loves to walk around and find everything you try to hide from her, but hates sitting and being strapped in! When she wasn't screaming she was pleasantly watching a few new movies.
This trip I found a bunch of dry erase books and games. Love love love!! I will definitely be on the look out for more to add to our supply for future trips. Origonally I bought the books to add to our summer schooling supplies so Liza could practice her handwriting and Rainey could learn his lowercase letters and Daniel could just work on penmanship regardless which book he chose. The games I found were i Spy games. A list of things to find and circle. Michael even got in on coloring and learning her letters LOL (watch the video to see for yourself).
We also tried something new this time. We usually stop at Walmart along the way for Subway (usually in the same parking lot/building) and to stretch our legs while looking for some healthier snacks like fruit and juice or a small jug of milk. We gave each kids some $$ and they got to pick a new toy half way thru the long day to help hopefully entertain them the last leg of our travels. (Success rate was 50/50. Not sure if we will do this again.)
Of course our iPads came in handy when fights broke out on what to watch on the DVD player. Or when they got bored of watching movies and NEEDED to play a game. We discovered the robosockets game app this trip. Another two thumbs up!! Thanks Susan and Fred for introducing us to it!
While on vacation we discovered a new app for the iPhone Timelapse for $1.99. Fabulous! The video below was of our trip home. We would definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone for fun family videos like this! LOL
Next up Family reunion! Great videos and photos to come!

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