Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Story Boards

Rainey has been helping me out of my lack of crafting funk lately. We have been doing a once a week paint a story. He tells a story as he paints a picture. It has been rather fun and exciteing to spend this one on one time with him doing something he loves! This was last weeks story board...

There were five magical fruit trees (we used chick peas left over from lunch to paint the fruit on the trees), and an evil bone-ato or pornato (however he chooses to say Tornado that day). The bone-ato is the big round circle on the right, and the trees on the left.
The magical fruit trees used their magic (the lines from the trees to the circle) and the bone-ato tried to get stronger and stronger until they killed it. BUT not befor he had a baby bone-ato (the squiggly line beneath the big circle). And some of the fruit started to fall of the trees but in the end the magical trees won. (very abridged version of the story!)I love how animated he got as he told me and then retold his siblings later when they got home from school. The olders have requested we do a story paint day as part of our summer home schooling program. I can't wait!! I want school to finish now so we can get started on all the fun things we have planned! Work books, geography, arts and crafts, paint story time, and lots of fun learning.
Rainey has learned to spell his name just in time for Pre-K!!

Last night the boys fought going to sleep but they were being so good, and working to together we just let it slide for a few extra minutes. Sitting side by side, Daniel was instructing Rainey on which letters to write and then focusing on his own paper. After a few minutes they came to show us what they had been working on... LOL I guess it is never too early to start writing letters to Santa! :-) Daniel says he is lonely this time of year and just needed an I love you. Rainey finished his letter this morning asking me how to spell words so he could send his off. For the most part he knew how to write each letter. I am so excited for him to start school next year and see him catch on in school!
Translation-Santa I (heart) you Dear
I have important thing for you!
Please decorate my bed and Harry Potter Wii

I love being involved in my children's learning process!

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