Thursday, May 05, 2011

Food drive

FOr the past few days Rainey has been talking about a food drive. I had no idea where he got such a phrase from. He would fill up my gift bags from past birthdays with cans and line my hall. I would get a little frustrated, and tell him to go put them back. When I asked him what a food drive was he could explain it pretty well.
"You get a wagon. You ask people to give you food, and you take food from your house. Then you give it to someone else who gives it to people with no food."
Today I on my way into to town he asked "IS today a good day for a food drive?" LOL I answered YES! So I called the local food bank and asked what they were in need of today. I got a list and gave Rainey some money. He picked out his favorite cereal, his favorite granola bars, Mac'n'cheese (with a few extra boxes for himself which is a big treat in this house!), Ramen noodles, oatmeal, and a few other things. I drove straight to the food bank and Rainey delivered his eight bags of groceries.
He got in the car and hid! He was so excited and embarrassed. The lady came back out and asked if he would like to see what they had inside. He got back out and was so excited to find all the things they had. He even helped put a few of his items on the shelf. When we got back in the car I asked him how he felt. He replied "I think we need to go get more food now!" If only! He has agreed to do one chore a day for food. Then on every payday I will give him what he earned to go buy more food, lets see what he can accomplish this next week or so till payday.
On our way home I kept asking him where he got this idea. All week he just fed me "I don't know." Finally he told me it was on Barney. As much as I hate the big purple singing Dinosaur I appreciate the life lesson and good memory I just made with my son today!!


famr_4evr said...

Wow!! The only thing we've gotten out of Barney (except being annoyed) is the singing. Way to go Rainey!

Roeckers said...

LOL I know it! I NEVER let my old kids watch him and only on rare occasion does Rainey get to (it's on about the same time I lay Mikey down for a nap), but if he gets lessons like this I might think twice about it more often!!

Judith Allen said...

You guys never cease to amaze and delight me. You tell Rainey that I will match his chore money up) You and Jake are raising a fine family! I love you all!

Alanna Leavitt said...

Way to go Rainey! Auntie Nana is so happy to see you making great choices. (Mom and Dad this is one of those times you get to enjoy the results of great parenting. Keep it up.) Hugs and kisses coming your way.