Saturday, May 07, 2011

Another season almost done!

One more week of soccer left!
which I will miss out on :-( but will be having fun in OKC with 11 other women at TOFWThis season for Liza was a good one. Her ability to handle the ball improved remarkabley. She understands the game more. She has developed a sneak snake approach to the ball-she sits back while the other team lines up and then she puts on her super speed befor they are able to pass, and steals it. She is still nervous once she gets down to goal. She speeds with her teammates all the way there and then freezes when it comes to kicking it in goal. Things to practice over the summer!
Liza's team has only won one game but the group of kids on her team and their parents are AMAZING!! I had the privilege to coach them while Jake was gone. I fell in love with each one of them.
What a crazy bunch! They all have such a great sense of humor.
I had the opportunity to coach most of the season with Daniels team. He has grown leaps this year. They had a stacked team, with lots of players (a big change from his first season 3on3 and there were only 3 kids on his team). Daniel started picking up positioning and where he needs to be. He knows to stay open and is no longer able afraid to steal the ball from the other team. He loves to be in the goalie, but is a good forward too. Daniel's team grew a lot this year. We started with a few that didn't want to play much but are right on top of things now and want to be out there just as much as the next kid.
Unfortunately there were some very strong personalities on the side lines that clashed this year, making it hard to enjoy the games.
BUT next season is a new season and we are hopeful for a fresh new start and plenty of new experiences! Can't wait to see what Daniel accomplishes in the fall! He can walk away from this season with the feeling of accomplishment and of few new friendships. Plus we had some good times during practice, I loved coaching the boys and the challenge of finding new ways to teach them skills and keeping them entertained.

Thanks ESC for another great season of Soccer. We will see you again in the fall!

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