Sunday, May 08, 2011

My first 911 call

I have never called 911 befor!
I got to do something new and exciting on Saturday!My lil monkey Mikey was eating breakfast at the table with Liza. We have a bench on one side of the table. It was pulled out on one end and pushed in on the other. Mikey was trying to reach Liza's iPod that was on the end pushed in (Liza's attempt to keep her away from it). Well Mikey was a little too daring and had a great fall. She sucked air in and I was waiting for the scream to follow but there was nothing. She passed out, eyes rolled back and she went limp. SECOND TIME THIS YEAR!!! AHH!!I scooped her and up (I know bad mom!! should have left her lying down), and tried to make her come to. After a few moments (I'm sure it was less than a minute but it felt longer certainly less time tahn last time this happened) she came to but couldn't catch her breath. She was gasping for air and wasn't getting any. I rushed to the phone and fumbled to unlock it (LOL no need to unlock it if you are calling 911 silly me). I finally got the dispatcher who took my info and brief explanation of the situation. She told me to check to see if her airway was blocked, nothing. As the dispatcher ran thru a few ways to hold her as there maybe something lodged that I couldn't see, she started screaming. I've never been so relieved to hear that sound!! She gave me suggestions on how to keep her awake as her eyes kept rolling back into her head. Then once we had her good and awake humming to songs she knew the dispatcher told me the ambulance was close and if I had any issues befor they got there to call her back.
I live in rural Podunk OK. Google maps and GPS systems are way inaccurate around here and obviously not many people call 911 in this neighborhood. 20minutes after I hung up with the dispatcher the ambulance finally showed up. By this time Mikey is good to go and just wants to snuggle. They examined her bonk and asked if I had ever dealt with concussions. Yup got that covered!! They call the hospital and asked for their advise. They said they would just put her in an observation room for a few hours. I opted against them taking her in and would watch her on my own. They explained that some times shock sets in and causes the body to freak when you come to, hence the gasping for air, but I did right by calling and if she had any issues to call them and they would be here faster LOLMikey has been banished from the kitchen table! She has her own kiddy table to sit at now and the kids take turns eating with her. If this girl grows up with any brains intact I will be impressed! I am thinking of fitting her for a foamy helmet!I love my beautiful little girl! I can't imagine life without her!
She is all fine and dandy now. Acting like nothing ever happened.
Will someone tell me this Monkey stage ends soon!!!

And next time I know it is faster for me to scoop her up and drive the 3minutes to the fire station than to call 911 and wait for an ambulance or else give directions (being a pizza delivery lady for 9months can have it's advantages).

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KellyLady said...

Yikes! I'm glad she's OK. Rhett fell from an 8 foot slide when he was just over 2 and did the same thing - eyes roll back, pass out, etc. So scarry to see that happen to your baby!
Love the kiddie table!
I too have considered a foam helmet lately for my youngest. They are just in too big of a hurry to be a "big" kid!