Monday, January 24, 2011

Grandma and PopPop's LEGOcy

If there is one thing my inlaws have instilled in my children it is the love for LEGOs! When Liza was one they bought her a duplo train set, then over the years added a ton of extra tracks. Then once Daniel come along and got a little older they got him a Thomas train to go with it. They have since out grown it a bit, and have taken an interest in "big kid" LEGOs.
The last time we were visiting the in-laws pulled out all the old LEGOs from when Jake was a kid. They spent many hours building things with them (and I am sure Grandma and PopPop spent many hours finding all the little pieces after we left!).
Grandma and PopPop came to visit shortly after Christmas and brought a huge box for the kids. Something for them to interact with the kids and keep the kids entertained. It was the ideal thing! "Building" memories over thousands of pieces of LEGOs. They spent the better part of three days assembling one project or another.
Once again I was not on top of my game. I didn't bring out the camera until the last night UGH! I always seem to do that. Wish I would have thought of it while they all huddled around the kitchen table working on piecing these things together!
Liza got this baby. Her and PopPop put this one together. She loves space and Star Wars the perfect mix! We had to super glue a few pieces together so she could keep it in one piece and still play with it. She loves it!
Here are the boys trains. Daniel got the grown up tracks and new train. He is very possessive of it and very careful to keep it all together or in the storage bin out of his little siblings hands.
Rainey got a Toy Story train. To keep the younger kids out of the big kids train, Jake got the old Dublo train out of the attic. The new Toy Story train fit on the old tracks! Bonus for Grandma and PopPop (that was unplanned)!! The new train even hooked up to the old train set! He attaches it to the old train that has a motor and we build tracks around the kitchen table, the island, throughout whole the kitchen and sometime in the bathroom if M is awake. The Dublo train comes out almost every day! We call it math homework, as we try to build a different layout every day for the tracks.
Here Grandma is helping build tracks on the carpet.
Here's PopPop supervising the building of some tracks while snuggling with Daniel.
Here's grandma enjoying the mess M made while enjoying her dessert. Amazingly enough Grandma walked away without any on her! M wears her food proudly :-)
We are so glad they came to visit and hope we didn't wear them out completely. Can't wait to see them again hopefully this spring and then again this summer!
Thanks for visiting!
...and bringing more LEGOS!


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