Sunday, January 23, 2011

Christmas overload

Here is a quick photo update. We stayed home this Christmas. It was nice not to have to pack up and go somewhere but at the same time family was missed.
As close to a kid picture as we got
The best photo of the family this Christmas season

Our Christmas tree
M's favorite Christmas present and Daniels favorite
Jakes favorite
Rainey's favorite. After I had finished shopping Rainey announced all he wanted for Christmas was an airplane. I wasn't about to buy any more presents! J went out to the garage and put this baby together. It is still one of his favorite toys!
Liza's favorite present. What was I thinking, I am so tired of listening to the radio adventures of Doctor Floyd while she does what she does in her room. I guess its better than music I don't enjoy!

My favorite find. I can't wait to enjoy it next Christmas!! I LOVE NATIVITIES!
Jake contributing to our homemade Christmas

The kids with Santa at the church Christmas party.
THis is Liza who recognized the man under the beard

Rainey was the one to pull Santas faux beard off to see who was under it LOL

Michael wanted nothing to do with Santa LOL Maybe next year...
Hope you had as much fun as we did!