Saturday, March 05, 2011

Slavery Saturdays

So two weekends ago I was listening in on a conversation the oldest was having on the phone with her friend. She was explaining that she couldn't play until her chores were done because it was "Slavery Saturday".
It being Saturday today, and having spent the whole morning doing slave labor we all needed a little craziness. The oldest escaped to said friends house, so the younger three and I made silly faces, dressed Mikey in anything she would let us until she decided on an outfit, and mom got camera crazy toward the end.
I love my kids!! Today i was especially grateful for their beautiful eyes and the way they look at me!
D-man and I were play hide and seek with the camera.
I love his dark brown eyes that sparkle.
He is the best big brother the youngers could ask for! He really likes to make Mikey laugh and help keep her happy. Daniel is great with little kids and babies. He recently announced over dinner all he wanted was to be a dad when he grows up. (tear, sniff, sniff)
Daniel loves to read, and it has come much more naturally to him than to his older sister.
I rearranged the living room last week and ended up with a chair I didn't know what to do with, it has been in the laundry room waiting for a new home. Today He asked if he could have it. I agreed. He moved it to his room right next to his book shelves and has named it the "reading chair" This boys eyes are thoughtful and mischievous!
Rainey boy with his steel blue eyes, jet black eyelashes and bushy eye brows
In a song that Jake's mom wrote for his 4th birthday it describes him as
"I am Rainey, I am four,
I have blues girls adore..."
That must be it! This boys eye seem to say "I'm cute, love me!"
Rainey and I have had a good week hanging out and cooking together at lunch. He even made me lunch one day all by himself (I dozed during Cat in the Hat one morning-Oops!). Tomato soup and cheddar cheese soup actually taste rather good mixed. He wants to be a chef when he grows up.
Then there is MIkey! Look at those blues! Her eyes have almost a hint of violet in them most days. My little ape baby. She loves to stay close. She is always helpful (sometimes too helpful). A joy! She is by far the easiest toddler so far. I say nap time and she goes running for her bear then off to bed. Her eyes dancing the whole time knowing that she understood what I told her. What a sweet "princess" as the boys have named her this week.
However she better start protecting that beautiful little face of hers! She is never without a bruise as you can see. Always climbing, then falling, tripping, or slamming herself into things while she throws a fit. I wish she would start using words! She picks up signs pretty well, but my knowledge of signs is slowly coming to its end. Today she learned water. She was so excited. But it is no wonder she can't talk when she keeps having accidents like this one...
The black eye was from earlier on in the day when she tripped at a friends house. Then she bit a few small wholes in her tongue, gave herself a fat lip and bloody nose as she fell between Lizas bed and the wall. That poor tongue has had one heck of a rough start, if it ever works to produce words we will be blessed! But in the mean time her eyes say it all when I lie her down at night. She loves me!
Then there is the ever so kind and loving almond shape eyes of Liza...guess I will have to catch her next time. She is off at a friends, avoiding the rest of us crazies.

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Mayzie said...

Best sign language web dictionary out there.. in my opinion :) Plus "Signing time" is always fun too :)

You're kids are beautiful! I'm glad I'm not the only one who goes a little camera crazy!