Monday, October 11, 2010

spoke to soon

I guess in my search for "ME" the good Lord heard my prayers and thought He had the most perfect solution. It really isn't the answer I had in mind, granted i really had no idea where to start, but He did.

I our church we have several auxiliaries. One for the men, one for the woman, one for the girls 12-18yr, one for the boys 12-18yr, and then the kids from 18months-11yrs old. Well since February I have been working as the secretary in the woman's auxiliary, the Relief Society. I have loved it. All I have to do is take attendance, which forced me to learn the ladies names. I design the newsletter, and distributed, and then once a quarter I had to fill out a paper, and enter a few stats for sister visits. It has been the perfect calling for me.

Well, that all changed this weekend. Change is good. I like to serve. I like to have fun and do fun girlish activities... So I accepted the position in Young Womens (12-18yr girls). My free time just got harder to find, but I will enjoy the constant reminder "I am a daughter of God." I am so excited to work with the other two leaders! I haven't had much oppertunity to work with the girls but I am sure I will love them! I enjoyed my time with the big kids now back to the land of teenage drama! WAHOO!!

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