Monday, October 18, 2010

Pumpkin Patch field trip

We were able to tag along with Daniel's field trip to the T&G pumpkin patch. We had a blast! We learned about pumpkins, fed animals, enjoyed the company of good friends, played on a fun playground, rode a hay ride around the farm, and enjoyed one another's company.

He was so excited to be on his first field trip!!

Rainey LOVES pumpkins! He loved holding the different types and asking questions. I think it took him 20minutes to decide which one he was going to take home with him, he wanted them all.
Mikey was just excited to be out with all the big kids!

This is the look of sheer delight! My kids were meant to grow up with animals! They all love them. We spent the majority of our time with the animals. Goats, ponies, chickens, turkeys, rabbits, cows, pigs, and ducks.

We pet every animal there.

This lil' miss was so upset we had to leave the beasts!
Maybe one day we will get you a cow.

It was a day well spent, even if by the end of our trip my broken toe was throbbing!!


KellyLady said...

your kids are stinkin' cute! Especially Mikey...almost makes me want to try for a girl. I think I"ll just live vicariously through all my friends with little cute girls and let you all deal with them when they are teenagers! Wha ha ha ha. :)

Anonymous said...

Mikie even looks like a little old farmer. She looks right at home.

PaPa Hovan said...

That last was me.
Papa Hovan