Saturday, October 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Darling

Dear Chrissy:

Your blog has been successfully hi-jacked by your husband for a birthday post!

Happy Birthday!

Today you turn 32 years old and for the next about-six-months I’m not “older” anymore, we’re the same age. :-) This has been the hardest birthday yet to buy a present for you. A few months ago you decided that you needed to attend a “time out for women” and this year I agreed that you needed some “time-out” for all that you do. Well, when those plans fell through everything else got so busy, that today is full of things for everyone else, and I want you to start your day knowing that today’s still about you, and you're special.

If things slow down today you’ll likely glance in the mirror and look at what you’re not. You’d probably think that after four kids your shape has changed. A gray hair or two has crept up now and again, and there’s hints of wrinkles on the horizon.

If your glance in the mirror turns into an obsession, today will be spent missing all of the things that really matter.

We’ve got a busy day today. During the course of it we’re likely to see the many friends we’ve met in this area. You know, the one’s that think I’m slightly crazy and love you for putting up with me. Those who consider themselves your friend are among the best of humanity. We’re scheduled to see our friends at church, soccer, soccer, a party, and a barbecue. By the time tonight rolls around the house will need to cleaned but we’ll be too tired do much but go to bed.

It has been my privilege to be your husband for nearly 1/3 of your life. I’m more in love with you now than I was when I married you. It’s not much of a present—I can’t put it in a box and wrap it up—but it’s what I have to give. In that last third of your life you’ve gotten to see four beautiful and healthy children who each love you in their own special way. Everyone of them enjoys spending time with you and 9 times out of 10 when I ask them if they have a super-mom or a regular mom, they say "super!"

I’ve been wracking my brain for weeks now and I still can’t think of a present that’s worth giving you. The best thing I could think of was to throw you a party, but last night was the branch temple trip, today is full of activities, and I can’t see any time on the horizon when we could pull something off. I wont stop trying.

Whatever memories you do end up with today wont compare to the memories the kids and I get to make. When we look over our shoulders, you’re there, and you put more love into us then we deserve.

Happy birthday Chrissy. We’ll get breakfast in bed started closer to the time you wake up. We love you!

-Your loving husband.


Krista said...

Oh for Pete sake, thanks for the cry ;)
Way too sweet.

Olson Clan said...

Happy Birthday Chrissy and welcome to one more year of experience and wisdom. Great job Jake, maybe you could offer free lessons for hubbies? I'll sign Matt up :)

Alanna Leavitt said...
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Alanna Leavitt said...

As a mom there are few things we require, a hug, a thank you, and sleep. Chrissy is a very lucky lady to have you as her partner. It makes me happy to know that "letting" you marry her and take her away from home has been a wonderful thing. (I miss you guys tons and hope to live closer soon.)

Have a wonderful birthday Chrissy. Thank you for helping me remember the important things in life don't come from a department store.

Breezy said...


Kauer Family said...

AWWWWW! So sweet! Hope you had a great birthday!