Wednesday, August 04, 2010

One of those days...

Have you ever noticed how one persons moods effect the mood of the rest of the house?
Or how a chain of events seems to slowly wear you down?

This morning I had one child screaming and being rather clingy. I escaped for a few moments of peace and quiet with my favorite porcelain bowl upon my return I discover a helpful older sibling had fed the screamer rice crispies ON THE CARPET by just dumped them out. The screamer traipsed right over them crushing and spreading them across the living room floor. I gently escorted the helpful older sibling down the hall and to show him the vacuum and give him a lesson on how to use it. Upon our return I find the screamer in a large puddle of milk (from the helpful siblings breakfast he had to have on a chair so he could watch TV and eat "in the kitchen") the milk which was being played in and smeared across my freshly (OK so two days ago) mopped floor. By this point I was starting to crumble!!

I rush the screamer to the bathroom in hopes of entertaining the screamer with a bath while I mop the kitchen floor. I am flabbergasted by what I find! A very independent child had decided to brush his teeth and couldn't get the cap off. In his attempts to remove the cap he had a brilliant idea! If you jump on the tube the pressure might dislodge the encrusted toothpaste cap. Guess what? IT WORKED!

By this point I am ready to string them all up, hang them upside down and leave them there for a few days while I decide what to do with them!
Lucky for them I have the most amazing people in my life! A sitter who can handle my herd so I could take the big girl out to have our hair done, a dear friend who offered to take all the kids (I only let her have the two boys as I wish to keep her friendship and didn't want to ruin her day), a great big girl how helped me with a sewing project and giggled and laughed with me for a few hours, a baby girl who napped for two hours to give me a break, the boys who were good for my dear friend, and then my lover boy who came home early and bought pizza for dinner.

What will tomorrows adventures bring?

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Mayzie said...

TOday was one of those days for us too! M wouldn't nap and V woke up at 5 am. FIVE AM!! Then I got to help grandma Jean move in all day... ~sigh~

Thanks for this blog! You made my day seem like peaches :)