Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Come across old photos...

We have been in Oklahoma for two years now. That means we are on the count down to our next move (no date yet, we just know it is coming in as soon as 12months). We have begun to love our little home and our neighborhood! Oklahoma is not where I want to spend the rest of my days but if I have to live here we have the prefect little home.
I have been looking thru old photos and came across these...

This was the first day we looked at our house

This is what it looked liked befor we destroyed it!
Look how white the grout is between the tiles
We came to find out the tiles were never sealed. Red dirt and white grout are not a good combo. After many unsuccessful attempts we found the right sealant and have done our best to strip the floor and seal it so it looks decent again.

Our living room before
A year ago this month a friend took Jake flying over our sub development
Now, there isn't a lot open! All the houses are built and only one is up for sale.

This is our lot right after we double the sod we had.
Our property goes just out past the trampoline ten feet on the left and the green box on the bottom right is the property line on the other side.
There isn't much we have changed about the house but I thought I would share a few of the things we have changed...

This is the first time we have painted a house, since we own we now have the privileged. But I refuse to paint any other room, as I don't want to personalize it too much and not be able to sell it. It took us a year to finally decide which color to paint it.
We like it!

About the only decorating I have done. SAD!

This is the kitchen now. Notice above the sink! For mothers day Jake had a plate rack built and installed freeing up a few more cupboards for food storage and fixing the awkward void above the sink. I absolutely love it!!

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