Thursday, August 05, 2010

Sickies are not for the weak stomach

Growing up I watched my mother gag at the slightest thing. She was unable to change diapers for the few kids she sat from time to time, she could never clean up after our sickies, she had the strongest gag reflex I have seen. It turns out I inherited that trait, and so did my kids. If my kids see poop or puke they start gagging. It is often times humorous!
Daniel has been sick today. The first time Daniel got sick Rainey witnessed and immediately emptied his stomach too. Upon Liza seeing it she started gagging. Later Daniel was sick again and we needed Liza to run and grab the bucket. Turns out she ended up delivering it just in time and had to hold it while Daniel filled it. She was close to gagging but braved it out and managed to serve her brother in his time of need.

(she was close to gagging here LOL My poor boy!)
She is so great and helpful! He is trying to brave it out :-( I hate seeing my kids sick

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