Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Craft Wednesday

During the summer I have kept the kids doing worksheets and engaged in learning. Each day I have the kids doing something different. Monday are generally reading, Tuesday writing, Wednesday to break things up crafts, Thursday math, and Friday is field trip day.
Each Wednesday I plan a craft not only for them but also one for me. The kids look forward to craft days! as do I!
Our first craft day was pipe cleaners
This is Liza's doll walking her dog and her duck
Daniel and his doll with his Dinosaur
Rainey's doll and duck
(they still ask each week to make dolls!)
We have beaded necklaces, painted rocks, nail polished washer necklaces, made paper flowers, colored little wood picture frames...
I have wrapped a vase in hemp twine (sorry no pics battery is dead and still haven't found my charger), also made wasehr necklaces, and beaded necklaces, stamped the kids names in washer necklaces, made a Canadian door hangy thing, and today I started a refinishing project.It started out something like this (I had already disassembled it and started to sand before I remembered to do a before pic)I did a lot of sanding!
My intentions were to stain it black but once i got it to this stage I liked the distressed antique white washed look it had. So i left it, covered up the Duck Unlimited logo with some scrap paper, and ended up with this
I love it...even the chime it makes on the hour!

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