Saturday, July 10, 2010

ON a crafting roll

While I was home and then while my sister was here visiting I was able to abuse the extra hands during the day and create. I am not one into make my own clothing, but have been super into learning how to re use things. I will admit I bought these materials for these particular projects but have a few of my Grandmas old shirts I wish to refurbish now that I know how.
My mom and I saw these hand crafted skirts at the farmers market and we recreated them. It was a good learning project for me. I was glad to have my mothers sewing knowledge.
This dress was next. We got our inspiration from here.
I love this dress!
(I also love the old window pain I made into a US flag! Can't find where I got that idea from)
We couldn't make one for Michael and not make one for Liza. (She is super into Zebras lately).
Then Auntie Di made Michael one of these for 4th of July weekend.
Our last one is this adorable shirt. I put it all together, and Dian helped me with the flower applique since she is a pro at applique. I got my inspiration from here. It is seriously the cutest thing!
While shopping we were stopped a few times with "That is the cutest outfit!" "Where did you get that shirt?" "How adorable!"

There is nothing more satisfying than to have someone admire your creation or to have someone enjoy wearing it! Liza was upset I was unable to finish a shirt for her before she left for two weeks to spend time with first my sister then with Jake's brother. Already trying to think of "what next"

There are a few more things we created but need to recharge my camera battery first. I can make a whole blog on washer jewelry!! So FUN!!!

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