Thursday, July 15, 2010

Canada trip

In May we made our way to my home town to spend five weeks with my parents.
I love going home!! Good memories are always made!
Five weeks may be a little long for all involved but we managed and I miss home already!
We played till someone got hurt then came home LOL literally that is how it worked out...
Daniel loved to hold Gram's ear in the morning while she did her puzzles and he sucked his thumb LOL
Mikey's bestest pal!! We miss Papa!Planting Gram's gardenCan anyone spot Daniel? Love that he is holding Rainey's ear in this one LOL
Gavin is quite focused on the task at had :-P
Our little dance party! Al, Pimmie and I were busting out the moves. I need a little more practice before I do that again. I was so awkward LOLRylee and Mikey hanging in the spinny thing
Liza, my lil mother hen taking good care that Oryn didn't fall offMy silly boys helping me do some gardening at GG's houseThe kids and our bestest buds Rylee and McKenzie. Lots of fun in the sun.
Thanks everyone that entertained us and kept us busy during our visit! We had a blast! Can't wait to do it again! Thanks Grams and Papa for putting up with us all invading your space.

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