Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer fun!

I love summer time for the food!! MMMMm! Yummy!Love being at my parents house and grilling every night!Too bad it isn't Taber corn :-( Won't get any of that this year


Kauer Family said...

That's my favorite part of summer. Grilling outside and eating outside...less messes to clean up and you don't heat up the house. Glad you are having a fun summer!

The Stewarts said...

to cute i love the big purple bruise on her forehead:D

Roeckers said...

Amy, paper plates and our little back porch table are used 2-3times a day during the summer! We love summer time food!
Di, thats only part of it! That's what she got at GG's house when we were gardening. With everything else I am surprised no one has called social services on us LOL!