Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This little man

This boy is my greatest trial most days.
I look into the boys eyes and just melt! All he has to do is flash you that mischievous smile or shares some of his insights with you or simply give you a hug and say "I wuv you!"
But man can he be a dare devil!
He knows just how to push your buttons, and manipulate you so he can get what he wants.
He is ultimate silliness!
He loves to scream!
He is so easy to entertain, just give him a stack of paper and a pencil and he is busy for hours!
The boy loves bugs!
This is buggy. He was Rainey's best friend for a day. He went shopping with us, he went on bike rides and even ate lunch with us.
This is buggy playing with his toy that Rainey made him.
My tank knows how to eat!
This past week he made himself a sandwich- a butter sandwich!

I don't know how my Mother in-law raised three boys!
I have a hard time dealing with just this one (let alone his brother too). This past week we made one trip to the ER for a dislocated something or other in his elbow ($750 later, that darn gov run medical in Canada is expensive. At least we will be reimbursed once we get back to OK). Then the very next night he probably should have gone in for stitches after jumping off the bed into a dresser but I refused to pay another ER bill.
Girls dig scars right!?
I haven't left him out of my site for long since.
He is very much his fathers son! Maybe that's why I love him so much!
Hat's off to you Rains!


Kauer Family said...

Sounds like my Joe. Those boys can keep you busy. I always get the "He has so much energy" and "how do you do it" reactions, especially when I have someone watch him for a few hours. Good luck...moms of all boys need it. My saying on my wall says it all "Mothers of little boys work from Son up to Son down!!" Hang in there it does get a little better!

The Stewarts said...

If my child even thought about bring a bug in to my house, I know it is dead but still, I would scream bloody murder!!! I will not even pick up dead ones in our house, I will wait till David is home from work and make him do it. But it is true you can't get mad at this little boy with those big blue eyes and his I wuv yous. But just watch I will get one just like him who loves bugs, I really do'nt know how I am going to deal with kids and bugs. Anyways love you see you in a couple of days :D