Wednesday, June 09, 2010


This is our second year in soccer and we tried something new...Coaching! Jake coached Eliza's team and loved it. The kids were great and Jake told all the kids if they were to sign up next year he would be their coach again
The "Screamers" weren't very competitive but they were such a funny group of kids!
"Who wants to be team captain this week?"
Liza came into her own this year with ball handling! It was fun to watch her use her body to maneuver the ball.
I love this action shot.
She figured out she is pretty fast. All those laps dad made her do helped her build up speed and stamina
She is such a great team player
My passive Daniel
Daniels team started out with 5 kids but never stayed there. No matter how much recruiting we did, we couldn't get the team to grow. These three boys played every game all season long 3on3 for 2-20minute halves. THEY ROCK!!
Daniel was a bit neglected by the coaches. He had two coaches, the parents of the other two boys. With M and R to manage and Jake coaching E's team, I was able to watch him practice from a distance most days, but not participate. However, Daniel managed to learn a thing or two and contribute a goal at least once each game. Towards the end of the season a few of the moms from E's team would tend the youngin's so I could spend some time with Daniel (Thanks Karen and Abi's Mom!!).

We managed to finish up the last game the week before we drove to Canada! We can hardly wait to start our next season come August!

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Krista said...

Is THAT why they made us run laps? I thought it was because they hated us ;)