Monday, July 27, 2009

Love make belief!

My boys slept in this morning, they found me still in bed. We sat and read a few books (Rainey's latest thing, he is always reading books). Then Rainey jumped up to attack the bad guys outside. They saved me before they got too close. Then my belly turned into a giant iceberg. Rainey and Daniel jumped their stuffed animals off the iceberg into the deep blue. Next it was our turn to jump off the iceberg (my bed) into the deep blue sea (the blankets Jake kicked off teh bed last night). Then we rode horses along the shore, were Daniel and Rianey turned into dogs, hungry dogs. Now I sit eating my mini wheats and feeding my very adorable dogs. Now it is time to wake the sleeping dragon (Liza) ;)
It's moments like these that make parenting all the worthwhile!


B said...

I was once saved from lions about to eat me. My nephew dragged me into his his mighty fort (a tiny kids tent), and chopped off all their legs with his HUGE sword. He just reached under the opening of the door and swung it around sending lion legs flying! I was so close to dying that day. Now that he's 12 I don't get saved so much anymore, but he still likes to hear those fun stories. Make believe is the best!

craftedbylindy said...

Oh that's so sweet!