Friday, July 24, 2009


How do we teach and instill values in our children and impress upon them the importance to live them, not just force our values on them while they live under our roof?

Recently I was talking with a high school friend. She was instrumental in my impressionable years in keeping me active in our church. I loved her family and all they stood for. They were very active in the church and her parents held some pretty prominent callings. Now some 15+yrs later her parents are still active but none of their kids are. They have all abandoned the standards they were raised with. Modesty, chastity, the word of wisdom, and fidelity mean so little to them.

How do I ensure my children living the standards I believe to be important for them, and not just doing it because I tell them to, that they do so because they are as passionate about them as I am?


PaPa Hovan said...

I think every parent wonders Big Girl. You do the best you can and put your trust in the Lord. As parents we never stop praying for our kids and hope they make the right choices. It is their free agency to do as they wish. No easy answer.

Anonymous said...

Just put them into a room and bring them food and water daily but dont ever let them out of the room...

On a serious note, It has been my experience as a rebellious kid an being married to a bratt myself, that explaining thing in detail goes alot further than force... If they are to sheltered, they will grow up wanting to explore the other side of the realm of life so make sure they are aware of things that you may not want them to know about.. thats my 2cents for whtever thats worth-Brandon

BreezyAnne a + Fam said...

I believe that you just have to remember no matter what.. that they have free choice. You do your best. And pray that they will always be praying too.
I have seen this same family and the opposite.. where the Mom and Dad weren't active.. but all the kids are. Its choice. and their choice does not reflect upon how you did your job! Its just a choice they have made. :) - That doesn't mean you dont try though! :)