Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We made it!!

We managed to make it from Jake's pay period to my period without using any kind of credit, or using any kind of savings and still have $1.12 in the bank and plenty of food to last until next week when Jake gets paid!
We figured it out on Sunday, making home made bread, cookie, and muffins will save us a lot of money over the course of the year!
It costs me $1.31 to make one loaf of home made whole wheat bread, I was paying $2.50 when it was on sale $3.47 regularly. We eat between 8-13loaves a month, saving us between $114.10-336.69 a year on bread alone! I usually spend a minimal of $15 bi-weekly on snack foods for picnics, Jake's lunch (Liza's lunch too when she is in school), and just to have around for treats. With the stuff from the garden, bananas or a big bag of carrots from Sam's club, I can make zucchini, carrot or banana muffins for just over a dollar for 2 dozen. Cookies are about the same depending on what kind I make. Instead I am spending $15 dollars a month on baking supplies and controlling what is in my snack food saving me another $180+/year.
A potential of over $500 in savings just on bread, and snacks!! That is a pretty good start.
With all the food storage accumulating, I have also noticed I spend less in our between pay day shopping trips, as they are less frequent. I feel like I have food in the house and there is less of a reason to go shopping except for the necessities like milk. Which I hope to see more $$$ in the bank build up.
It feels so good to live within our means and to feel a small sense of security and self sufficancy!


PaPa Hovan said...

With the food storage, you will spend less between shopping days as you will be naturally "rotating" the supply. It worked for us when you kids were smaller and at home. I remember all the FHE's on Saturday afternoon baking. Congratulations on discovering the cost savings of self reliance.

The Favorite said...

Congrats! That is amazing. Maybe I'll make bread today...

Krista said...

My husband has NEVER let us use credit (except to buy our house) and one of the things I've found the most useful is buying in bulk.