Thursday, May 21, 2009


I know it has been some while since I last blogged. I am working on editing some photos of our trip to Canada and to Utah and will hopefully be up to finishing them sometime this week. But in the mean while I wish to share my excitement.


Every year we pay off our credit cards and and then rack them up again. This year we completely paid them off and then removed them from our wallets and this morning I destroyed mine! Our money is now ours once again!! Works only for us no one else! (Of Course we still have a car loan and a mortgage but those I consider acceptable.) A burden has been lifted off our shoulders!


Matt and Haley Hargrave said...

Congragulations Guys thats awesome.

Matt & Haley

KellyLady said...

wow! that's so awesome!

The McMullin Family said...

That's fantastic. Feels like a huge burden off your shoulders. Awesome! Sorry we didn't get together while you were in UT. I totally screwed up the dated. Oh, well, soon, I hope, we might just have to come visit you guys :)

Alanna Leavitt said...

That's is awesome! I hope to feel some of that burden lifted before my kids graduate. Now I just have to dig into our banking and find out where the money is going. FUN!!!

Krista said...

My husband has always been an "alll cash" type of guy and since I never acquired a CC before we got married, it was easy for me to go along with it.
We only have a mortgage payment and in tough times, that has been a HUGE blessing, knowing we only have the obligation of one debt.