Sunday, May 24, 2009

Canada/Utah Trip

The beginning of the month we ventured our way up to Canada for my sisters wedding reception and then down to Utah for their wedding. It was a whirlwind of a trip, our two weeks flew by. We managed to squeeze in a few visits with my best friend from Jr High/High school days Alanna and her family, a visit to a good friend from after High school Tigger, as well as a few last minute renos on my mothers house, lots of cleaning, an afternoon of making sushi, some time a the pool, a few movies, mini golf, decorating, and then being the last minute photographer (Dian fired hers last minute).
Then after 7days in Canada we made our way down to Utah. We spent our time with Jake's grandma, with David's siblings, then in Bountiful at the wedding, back to Provo area for the reception, then off to Logan to visit old friends, back to grandma's then down the historic route 66 back home.
We made many good memories!
Here is a video I put together of Dian's wedding photos I took and edited. Hopefully I will get around to posting some pics of our time at Grandma Hill's and our time in Logan. How we miss our old neighbourhood! We enjoyed our brief few hours there. Thanks GG Hill for letting us all crash at your place! Loves to all!

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B said...

Wow. Great pictures, she's going to love them. I can't believe how grown up she is. A part of me still sees her as that sweet kid who gave me that pig candle, or made me the pig necklace (both of which I still have). She's turned out to be a beautiful lady.

Dian Stewart said...

Thanks you so much, i love it, you did an amazing job. I just want to cry (in a good way) And Thanks Tigger, I sure did feel pretty on those days, and still do, since I have someone tell me that everyday :D Love you and miss you guys :)

Krista said...

VERY nicely done! Your sister looked beautiful!

Matt and Haley Hargrave said...

Wow you are an amazing photographer!

Roeckers said...

Its not hard to take good photos when you have a great subject! Dian was very beautiful I am very excited with the way things turned out with her photos. Kaila (Dian's friend) and I were a good team! It has been really fun taking the photos and editing them! Amazing what you can do to a photo with a little technology!