Wednesday, May 27, 2009

May long 2009

We were more than happy to stay home this weekend and enjoy our home. We decided to go into town and check out the weekend sales. We had a little money left over from our yard project which should be finished by the beginning of next week hopefully! We had a few ideas on what we were going to do with the money but not what we ended up getting.

We lucked into a new sales rep that was a bit clueless (and so were we). He miss quoted a discount and then compounded it with a military discount. So we got a new riding lawnmower at a steal of a deal- 20%off plus a free trailer!

Jake was super excited to find it only takes him 20 minutes to mow the lawn now, where it took 3hrs with the push mower! The kids were more than happy to help out. Liza learned how to "drive." LOL

Daniel found a pet while helping out. "Toady" was the highlight of their weekend! They played with him in the yard for hours, then decided to release it in the swamp area down the street from us.

While we were on vacation we lost our cat to a tornado. The kids were quite upset. While delivering pizzas on Monday night a costumer had some kittens hanging around her front door. It turns out she was trying to get rid of them. We went to pick up A kitten yesterday, and came home with two. Jake fell in love! Good thing too. The first thing we did was give them a flea tick bath (learned the hard way last time). While they were drying off, Moby came to inspect them and attacked one of them. They were so freaked out the rest of the night, I was glad they had each other! This morning they were a bit more accepting of the kids and me.

They are both females. The black one was so good in the water, looked like she actually enjoyed it. She is the cuddly one, and more relaxed. The grey one is the more dominant cat, she is more playful and loves to explore. The grey one is the more skittish one, and hisses quite a bit, but she also purrs more when she is comfortable. We are hopeful they will be a good addition to our home, and good mousers! They are nameless for the time being. Any suggestions?? the kids have suggested Diamond (black), Chloe (grey), Capri (black), Hazel (grey), and Pearl (grey).


KellyLady said...

Cliff wants to know how you know a tornado got your cat? And that he didn't just run away scared crapless from the tornado? His words - not mine.

PaPa Hovan said...

2 kittens? Now I know you are my kids and don't blame Jake. I think you (and the other 3) had something to do with it too. And every little boy has to have at least 1 "Toady" in his life.

Roeckers said...

He might have just been Cliff. The neighbor found him while mowing the field next to our house. So whatever got him got him and he is scattered all over the field he use to mouse in now.