Sunday, April 05, 2009

Our week thru photos

Daniel has been a tiger or a Lion most of the week. So on one very lazy day I painted their faces with my old make-up. Now it is a daily ritual as we wait for daddy to come home.
Here are the scary Tigers
Liza's weekend soccer game. (She is #20)
Go team Redneck!!
Daniel really wanted an elephant cake but I was super lazy. He seemed to be OK with his Pina Colada ice cream cake. Yummy Yummy!!
Rainey enjoying the birthday songs!
In preparation for each game the kids play the parents. And each time the kids win. Here is Daddy stealing the ball from Liza (Jake in uniform, and Liza in the black pants and pink vest). The kids one by half a point- parents are bigger so each of their points are only worth half a point;)

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Cassia, Ty, Indie and Baby Denton said...

Looks like a ton of fun!!