Thursday, April 02, 2009

D-Man turns 4

Our sweet Daniel turned four today! He has been collecting presents for the past week from grandmas, friends, and his siblings but has refused to open them until He turns 4.
I told him as he climbed into bed with me this morning that it was his birthday. He replied "I am 4 already?!" He immediately ran out of bed to his presents and was ready to open them all. I let him open Rainey's and one from his friend Hunter but he must wait until the family party later to open the rest. He seems content playing with his Nerf gun and new football for now. (Man he has an arm. Brandon would be proud of his natural ability. I can't even put that kind of spin on a football!)

He requested donuts and Danimals for breakfast, Mac'n cheese for lunch and an elephant cake (which I will make for our Saturday family day, an Ice cream cake will have to suffice) for dinner.

Love you sweet Daniel! Thanks for being mine! Happy birthday!


snowann said...

Happy Birthday, Daniel!!

Aprile said...

Wow...he is really starting to look more like his daddy! Now that it's warming up and everyone is getting outside,I have noticed the absence of a particular little girl and her bicycle :(

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness he is getting so big. He is going to one handsome stud I sure hope he remembers how to wave to girls. ;)