Sunday, March 29, 2009

Culinary Snob...

Over the past year or so the family has been eating healthy with me. I have never thought about it much until this weekend. Liza had eaten over at a friends house and upon picking her up that night I asked her what she did, if she had fun, you know all the usuals. This is the reply I got

Liza-"I am hungry!"
Mom-"Didn't you eat dinner?"
Liza-"Ya but all I had were a few biscuits"
Mom-"IS that all they fed you?" (this is OK and you never know!)
Liza-"No they had chicken but it had skin and bones. Yuck!"

Jake and I laughed. I have turned my children (even the picky one) into a healthy bunch and they don't even know it. Good on ya Liza!

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B said...

I can totally see my kids being like this! Oh my goodness can I ever!