Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Eye therapy

Last night was our first night of Liza's eye exercises. We did three pages. One is a continuous 12 star star like the five point stars we all drew going up. At each point is a number and each point leads to the next number in the sequence. I am to call out a number while she points to the very tip of the star with one eye covered. It took her all of ten seconds to realize that each point had a line that led to the next number. So when I called out a 2 she would point to the 2. If I called out 5 next she would trace the lines until it reached 5. She is one smart cookie.

The next exercise is taking turns covering each eye while looking at a eye chart held 15cm away from your eye. She then needs to read the lines across from left to right and then up and down. Funny enough she can't do the up and downs. It is very hard for her to get the focus to do so, instead her eyes want her to read diagonally. I had to point to each letter with a pen the first two or three times to help her out. Then we repeat with a chart ten feet away with the same pattern. Then repeat with both eyes. It takes her a good while to adjust to the distance and then to using both eyes.

The next exercise was a mumble jumble of letters in paragraph form. She had to pick out the ABC's in sequence from the letters. This was easy enough for her.

It isn't as bad as I thought it could be, but I am sure it will get harder.


B said...

These sound like great exercises, where did you find them? I hope these help her so you don't have to do anything that will end up costing a small fortune to get her fixed up. And with that note I have to say you are such a great mom to be working with her on this. I know too many ladies here with kids that need help with something and they would rather pay someone to do the work than do it themselves. Sad really, but I'm happy to hear there is a mom here and there who isn't like that!

JeriLynn said...

Go you! This is work, but it will have results! I'm so glad you found out her problem!

Roeckers said...

Thanks guys! Believe me I thought about paying someone else to do it for me, but it's not their responsibility- it's mine!

I got a packet from the optometrist she gathered all these eye exercises and gave us the instructions on how to work her eyes. I would have had no ideas where to start and how to make it all work. SO are she is already showing improvements on timing and accuracy so now it is on to harder stuff.