Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

With the week full of Easter activities, and plenty of sweets the Easter bunny kind of skimped at our house this year, but talk of Jesus was abundant.
This is Liza playing on her favorite Barbie fashion show game. I love her and her sense of style!I got out of the shower to see Rainey talking on the phone. I guess he had been talking to my Mom for 20minutes . It was so cute watching him carry on a conversation with his elbow rested on his knee. He was so upset when I took the phone away from him. He is growing up so fast! Daniel and Rainey have been playing so good together recently. At first they were a bit too close for my liking, now I love the age difference. They are such great friend and really look out for each other. They turn to each other for comfort, encouragement, and acceptance. They play Dinosaurs every day which they have affectionately named Steve, Carrot, Taro, blueberry, and a few other names I can't keep up with. They are so sweet. I love to sit back and watch them in their games.Daniel racing his race car Easter bunny.Rainey was so excited to have a huge hunk of chocolate, especially a race car him and D could race.
Unfortunately Liza's German bunny was eaten too soon for a photo. Hopefully it will warm up this week, and I can get a few spring photos of the kids.
Hope you are surrounded by love, family and friends this Easter. Love to all!


Cassia, Ty, Indie and Baby Denton said...

So cute!! I love it! That's so fun how well the boys play together! How close are they?

Roeckers said...

Really they aren't that close but after a 3.5yr gap between Liza and Daniel 20months was too close for my liking. Now I wouldn't have it any other way!