Tuesday, April 14, 2009

31 Today!

This man has a birthday today! Happy birthday!

Things I love about Jake...
his smile he has such full beautiful kissable lips, his love for the gospel and his zeal to live it, his testimony of prayer, his blue eyes, his quirkiness, his ability to think outside of the box, his dry sense of humor, his muscular build (you might not know it by looking at him), his strong arms that he so freely wraps around me, his V.C.R, his patience, his love of family and his love to be with his every moment he can, the way he talks in his sleep, the way he puts other ahead of himself, how he freely gives to others in need, his ability to retain knowledge, how he looks in uniform, and his curly red hair (never get much chance to see the curls with this silly military haircut). I love that he like a clean shave face, and has outgrown the scruffy stage, he aims to please (middle child syndrome), he encourages each of his family members to pray often and to keep Heavenly Father at the center of our lives, he loves to spoil me, he is the peacemaker in our family, I love the way he disciplines the children without hurtful words or raising his hand making them think about what they are doing, how he never sits still long enough to understand the way he thinks, that he is a worthy priesthood holder.
I love this man!
Happy Birthday my Silly Tomato!


The McMullin Family said...

I know it's a day late, but Happy Birthday Jake. Thanks for being an example and thanks for the friendship you give so freely. And Chrissy what a lucky woman you have to have him in your life.

JeriLynn said...

Ahhh, tender! Happy birthday, Jake!

Cassia, Ty, Indie and Baby Denton said...

That's so sweet! Happy Birthday!!

PaPa Hovan said...

We missed it and are embarrassed. Happy Birthday Jacob.


Mom and Dad Hovan

snowann said...

Happy Birthday!! Sorry it's so late.