Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Taken care of...

Have you ever noticed in your relationship how when one of you gets sick it changes your spouse? I hate it when Jake is sick. I have no sympathy for him usually. I do try to take care of the kids a bit more and at night if by chance one awakes I take care of them, i will make him soup for dinner and let him go to bed early but nothing sweet and loving.

I am barely functional today and Jake has been such a dear. With the weather doing flip flops I have such a stinkin' head cold and it has made moving, thinking, and breathing hard. The floor is covered in Kleenex, I can't count the layers of Vapor rub I have on, and how much I wished to sleep the day thru. Jake was such a great guy and played with the kids while I attempted to get dinner ready, he watched them while I fell asleep on the couch and when I awoke they were all ready for bed. He fetched me water while I watched my TV, cleaned up a bit, and totally babied me! I love these tender moments when he shows me he cares.

Jake you are the best! You may not be the romantic but you sure are a good provider for me! Thanks!


Michelle said...

I am sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I am glad that your husband is being such a dear! I hope you feel better soon! And I sure Jake hopes for that also!

The Bundys said...

You have such a good husband. We are all feeling like that lately-minus my Jake. He doesn't seem to notice. Ha...not that I really cared until I read your post. Now I am feeling a little jipped.